Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What We Ate 04-15

B - boiled eggs, yogurt, biscuits (E, D; G did not eat most of hers)
L - sandwich with ham, cheese, spinach on leftover hamburger roll; trail mix; banana (D)
  Leftover chickpea casserole (E, G) with peas and carrots (G)
D - chicken thigh/leg quarters baked with yogurt mustard sauce, green beans, roasted sweet and russet potatoes, fruit salad with pears, orange, and canned peaches; 1 glass wine each E and D
     apple slices, PB and cheese (G); rest of apple with PB (E)
     smoothie with spinach, carrot, applejuice, yogurt, pineapple, and banana (G)
     smoothie with blueberry, banana, kale, cinnamon, and whole milk yogurt (E)
     package Ritz PB crackers (E, G)
     homemade crackers -- LOTS (E, G, D)
     1/2 slice cheese with peas, carrots, and banana slices (G)
     handful trail mix (E)
Prepared meals as planned; except added fruit salad to dinner (trying to up D's fruit intake :D)
Not super happy about the purchased package of crackers. In general, want to do better about having G-friendly snack foods pre-prepped and available (she tends to eat too much cheese and fruit since it is the easiest to serve her).
Prepared extra chicken -- saved meat for pot pie and soup later this week

Baked bread (double batch sourdough bread in 3 loaves)
Baked homemade "Ritz" crackers (whole wheat) -- 1/2 batch . Make a full batch next time!

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